​​Thanks to the following drivers for showing up tonight and helping with building a base set of rules to start this class with. The class will begin racing weekly starting May 5.

Chris Meeks (also representing Trent Turner)
Caleb Simmons
Chase Hopper
Barry Wilson
Jason Wilkes
Sonny Whitcher
Jimmy Taylor (also representing Wayne Kendrick)
JD Strader
Brad Nunn
Jerry "Dirtdawg" Cook

Here are the base set of rules these gentlemen set for this class and we will meet after the first couple of races to discuss the rules with hopes of having a complete detailed rule book in place by the end of the season.

ANY 2 door or 4 door FWD or RWD car. NO convertibles or trucks
Any 4 cylinder engine 1970 or later. engine must match make of car. NO rotary engines

Racing Headers OK
NO roller cams (no maximum lift)

1lb. per c.c.

suspension must remain in stock location
NO racing shocks (steel body shocks only)
coil overs OK
4" minimum ride height

open ignition (tuning computers OK, MSD OK)

max 500 cfm
open for efi engines

No air breathers allowed outside the hood
No air intakes allowed outside the engine bay or extending past the radiator supports

Run what you have until first of June. First of June all cars will run any 8" maximum D.O.T tire and may mix tire sizes for stagger

These rules are subject to modification in fairness to competition

1. $200 +$100 bonus for the first race on May 5
2. $150
3. $100
4. $75
5. $60
6. $50
7. $40
8. $30
9. $25
10. $20
Other bonus money will be added throughout the field weekly