• 311 speedway has the right to change any rules at anytime.

• Only drivers and owners can speak on behalf of any disagreement.

• Drivers are not to consume or do alcohol/drugs while participating events.

• Cars should practice in their division, will not be able to practice separately.

• Drivers arguing with staff/tower or any employee on calls will be disqualified or fined.

• Track reserves the right to promote or use any picture to promote the track without prior permission.

• Fire resistant uniform, helmet, five-point harness and fire extinguisher are REQUIRED for eligibility. Head/neck restraints and/or full containment seats must have tech approval for 25lb weight break. 25 lb weight break is available for all divisions. 25 lb weight break is the maximum allowed. Drivers need approved head/neck restraint or full containment seat for weight break. Weight break is for one  item, not both.

• Driver must take the green flag during the race to get paid.

• Raceceivers & Transponders are mandatory in all divisions.

​All Transponders must be mounted on Right Rear Axle Tube.

• If a driver changes after the heat, the car will go to the rear in main race.

• Two laps will be allowed for a flat tire, car must be on the main lap.

• Should any driver win 3 consecutive events in a division, a bounty will be placed on the driver. In order for a competitor to claim the bounty, the driver that the bounty was placed on must start from their original position, be competing at the end of the race, and finish on the lead lap. Should a driver wish to claim their own bounty, they must start at the lead of the field (minimum 10 cars required) and win the event.

• Top 3 cars must go over the scales after heat racing.

• All cars are to go to scales after qualifying.

• Top 3 cars are to go through tech after race.

• Initial starts are double file and begin off of turn 4, once the pole sitter enters the firing zone they can start the race. If he/she does not start the race by the time they reach the end of the firing zone, the green flag will be waved and the race will begin. Restarts double file restart for all divisions, occurring in the firing zone with same rules as the initial start. There are NO warnings for jumping any start or restarts’. If a driver is charged for jumping, 1st offense will be a penalty of 2 positions. And the 2nd time will result in the driver going to the rear of the field on the lead lap. If 3rd offence happens the driver will receive a black flag. 

• The firing zone directors have final call on starts and restarts. cars involved in accidents bringing out red or yellow flag will be lined up in rear of field. Drivers stopping on the track or exiting car to argue are subject to being penalized. Any car charged with causing 2 cautions during group qualifying or heat race or during race may be black flagged

• Should two cars pass the checkered flag at the same time, the car on the inside will be the winner. 

• Cars cannot get any assistance from other cars on last lap of the feature

race. Cars stopping on track may be penalized 1 lap infraction. 

• Rough driving is not allowed and will be dealt with by fines and suspensions. 

• Crew members are not allowed on the track at any time

• If the track is not safe to race on, on the last lap, officials may display the red light. On white flag lap race back to the checkered flag. Green and yellow: race safely back to the checkered flag. Red light cars will be lined back up for a single file restart. And a 1 lap shoot out.

• All lead must be painted a bright color to be easily seen and should have car number on it. Not having this can result in disqualification

​Pro604 Late Model
Pro602 Late Model
Pro602 Open Wheel Mod...

Protest Rule & Fees
Division Protested Car/Protester
Visual Protest $25.00
Visual Protest must be done before qualifying
After the race 1st place car will come on scales and stay until 2nd and 3rd place car arrives.
If 2nd place or 3rd place wants to do a protest let techman know before 1st place car leaves the scales.
Only the top 3 can issue a protest.
If a protested car leaves tech area and goes back to their pits during a protest they will be Disqualified.
For example, protest would go as follows.
If the protested car is found to be illegal, he loses his $450.00 fee. (Which the track retains) and the protester is refunded his $1,000.00.
If the protested car is found to be legal he is refunded his $450.00 and the protester loses his $1,000.00.
The track will retain $500.00 and protested will get $500.00.
Techman makes all decisions.
Only 1 crew member in tech area with their driver.
Anytime there is a protest the protested has up 1 hour to start removing the engine from car.
Once engine has been removed the engine will be wrapped and a day within 3 days will be set to tech.
3 people will be allowed to attend the protest.
The Protested
The Protester
The Techman
If more than 1 crew member is in tech area they will be Disqualified. Money must be given to techman within 5 minutes of agreement to protest.

Illegal Fuel $100.00
Illegal Tire $200.00 per tire ...
Illegal Engine $1,000.00
If there's a case that a engine is found to be illegal, Ilegal parts will be confiscated. You have 30 days to pay the fine. After 30 days all illegal parts will be destroyed.