2018 311 Speedway Pro602 Late Model Rules

1-Must follow FASTRAK rules
2-Chassis must be 3 yeas old or older...
1-Must follow FASTRAK rules
2-8’’ spoiler permitted
3- No 12’’ side braces
1-No oil filled hubs
1-Bert or Brinn, no light weight, no one shifter
2-Steel, Aluminum, Carbon Fiber Driveshaft permitted and must be painted white or subject to disqualified.
1-Any oil or gas shock
2-Split valve permitted but no strader valve or Plug *MUST BE SEALED*
3-Steel or Aluminum
4- No kind of externally or remote adjustment
5-1 working shock per wheel
6-No stacked Springs
6-left rear dummy shock ok
8-Claim Rule $150.00 per shock less hardware
1-Holley 650 max Fastrak rules
2-Carburetor Claim rule $600.00
1-602 GM
2-GM SEALED OR REBUILT By a Certified Rebuilder
3-All Rebuilt Engines must add 50lbs in front of mid plate.
4-All accessories must be front mounted
5-Engine Claim rule less accessories $3,500.00
1-factory HEI external coil ok
2-MSD & MSD Box ok
3-Distributor Claim rule $250.00
1-No Tri-Y
2-No Bayea
3-Headers Claim rule $300.00
1-Pump Gas Only
1-American Racer Pro2 or Pro3
2-Must meet bench marks
3-No Grooving or Sipping
1-2,400 lbs AR with GM Sealed Engine
2-2,450 lbs AR with Certified Builder seals
3-Head/Neck Restraint 25lbs weight break
4-Full containment seat 25lbs weight break
5-All added on lead must be painted white and have car number on it or subject to disqualified

All Cars must have Raceceivers and Transponders
No Radios or Mirrors permitted, using them gets you disqualified
All racecars must have a fire extinguisher in reach of driver
Protest Rules are posted for Pro604 & Pro602 Late Model & Pro602 Open Wheel Mods.